Our Story

Welcome to KŌHĪ. 

KŌHĪ was founded in the midst of the pandemic in 2021 and it all began in my kitchen. 

After giving birth to my lovely son 5 years ago. I suffered from PND. It came with many challenges but KŌHĪ taught me that there was a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. 

I decided to embark on the journey of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and that started with positive affirmations. I soon realised that I was infusing positive affirmations in everything I was doing especially when I handmade scrubs to add to my night time routine. 

This was creating a positive effect in every aspect of my life and healing had taken place. I wanted to do the same for others and that's when KŌHĪ was born.

My passion for being in the kitchen to hand make and curate skincare was from a very young age. I always believed in the power of  natural resources derived from the earth. The essence of what they provided for us and how they always were the real answers to skincare issues. 

Being the 4th generation from Hong Kong and spending my childhood there. The aesthetically pleasing packaging from our neighbouring country Japan had always fascinated me.

Along with offering the best quality organic products, I wanted to do it justice by packaging them as authentically as possible.   

KŌHĪ focuses on self-care, reviving organic Japanese skincare principles and creating an abundance of positivity. 



Founder of KŌHĪ

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